Veteran journalist Maria Hinojosa and actress/activist Rosie Perez shut down former Republican lawmaker and Newsmax host JD Hayworth during a testy interview on MSNBC’s AMJoy. 

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Maria Hinojosa, Rosie Perez Shutdown Right Wingnut JD Hayworth on AMJoy

Host Joy Ann Reid eventually ended Hayworth’s segment when he would not stop talking over the other guests. You have to say his ignorance and white privilege were on full display with his racist rant about immigrants.

Hinojosa and Perez attempted to explain what it’s like to be a Hispanic in the U.S., particularly with the immigration raids that are currently taking place and Donald Trump’s campaign promise to create a deportation force. Hispanics are worried that immigration officers can stop them at any time.

Hayworth’s response was that as a white man he faces the same challenges.

He explained, “I’ve gone through questioning by the Border Patrol when i was moving from Cincinnati, and, Maria understands this.” “When I was moving from Cincinnati to Arizona and driving along our southeast border, I have been stopped by the Border Patrol. I have been asked if I was a citizen, my car has been examined and the same thing has happened in Southern California. If you go down south to San Diego, everybody has had a situation where there has been traffic stops for border security.”

He was asked, “Have you ever been asked to present something beyond your driver’s license?” Hayworth responded, “You bet I have. Not by immigration but by federal law enforcement. I’ve been asked for my date of birth and my social security card.” Hinojosa told him that was not the same thing.

Then he took a random shot at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), saying, “We’ll take it out of the ethnicity although that’s tough when you take a look at the stunt that Elizabeth Warren pulled.” He was attacked her claim of having Native American ancestry.

Joy Reid pulled the plug at that point.

She blasted Hayworth: “Can I just tell me something. We’re going to end here, but sir, you’ve talked about strawmen twice, you’ve answered questions with non sequiturs that have some sort of ethnic base to them. Now you’ve gone after Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage. I think we’re done with this segment. You literally answered with a non sequitur and that is incredibly offensive.”

Rosie Perez later warned that the “DACA kids are terrified” and if this volcanoes, there’s “gonna be a reckoning.”

Watch JD Hayworth go up in flames on AM Joy:

Of course, there was mockery on Twitter: