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Thanks to Donald Trump, America Has Become a Nation People are Trying to Escape

Thanks to Donald Trump, America has become a nation where people, such as refugees are trying to escape. That’s now a thing. Let it sink in for a moment…

Asylum seekers are fleeing across the border to Canada and the asylum shelter in Winnipeg is at capacity, CBC reports.

Welcome Place, a temporary home for newcomers in Winnipeg, is full and has no more rooms for refugee claimants who may still be coming to the city Sunday.


The surge is the latest in a trend of refugee claimants fleeing on foot to Manitoba from the United States. Chahal said she’s worried what will happen if more asylum seekers show up at Welcome Place.

We are into the fourth week of Donald Trump’s presidency and people are fleeing to Canada. Let that sink in, people are fleeing from America because of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, which has been blocked by a federal court judge and stayed by an appeals court, as well as the ICE deportation raids.

[Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons]