Morning Joe panel completely gutted Donald Trump and his lackeys over their lies and hypocrisy on Mike Flynn being a foreign agent while working in the campaign.

morning joe panel scorches trump
Morning Joe Panel Scorches Donald Trump’s Lying, Hypocrisy on Mike Flynn

Host Joe Scarborough said, “That man was a foreign agent of Turkey, who has been hostile towards U.S. interests for a good part of the Syrian civil war, and was getting paid at the same time he was delivering a speech trashing Hillary Clinton at the Republican National Convention.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski chimed in that Flynn chanted “lock her up” at the GOP convention, talking about Hillary Clinton’s private email server investigation that proved not to be criminal. reminded the panel that Flynn had led a chant of “lock her up” at the GOP convention.

Scarborough responded, “It’s shocking. I guess it shouldn’t be shocking. This is the sort of thing that would not happen in past administrations, but apparently, everything goes ethically.”

Donald Trump litrerally tweeted as Flynn was being paid $530,000 by the Turkish government to lobby on their behalf. Um, that’s while he was a Trump campaign adviser.

Trump tweeted:  “I will issue a lifetime ban against senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT! #DrainTheSwamp.”

Watch Morning Joe panel rip Donald Trump and the hypocrisy over Mike Flynn:

Mika also slammed Trump’s constant lies as a new low in American politics. She urged viewers to read for themselves and make up their own minds.