Cornell Brooks, NAACP president and CEO, slammed White House press secretary Sean Spicer for disrespecting veteran journalist April Ryan for shaking her head.

sean spicer scolds april ryan
NAACP CEO Cornell Brooks Slams Sean Spicer for Scolding April Ryan for Shaking Her Head [Photo Credit: Twitter]
Brooks tweeted: “Instead of Sean Spicer giving April Ryan orders, he should try giving the press credible answers.” He followed that up with a second tweet:  “The treatment of April Ryan by POTUS & Sean Spicer is causing many of us “privilege nausea. The disrespect is sickening.”

Here’s the shameful denigration of April Ryan by Sean Spicer:

This comes as Fox News Bill O’Reilly apologized after comparing Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) hairstyle to a James Brown wig during an appearance on Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning.

The exchanges spawned #BlackWomenAtWork hashtag. Many journalists also called out Sean Spicer for dissing Ryan.