michael flynn
Report: Michael Flynn May Have Already Flipped on Donald Trump

Juliette Kayyem, a Harvard professor and CNN political analyst, says per sources, former national security adviser Michael Flynn may have already flipped on Donald Trump.

It’s interesting to note that of the four men who are widely reported to be under FBI investigation, three of them — Carter Page, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone Jr. — have suddenly volunteered to testify before the House Intelligence Committee.

This is no accident. The House intel committee is headed by a Trump stooge, Devin Nunes, who blew up his credibility after went to the White House to brief Trump before the members of his committee. Nunes is running interference for Trump. He will treat them with kid gloves. Ranking Member Adam Schiff won’t go soft on these guys.

Flynn’s name isn’t circulating as someone who has voluntarily agreed to testify in the Trump-Russia investigation. Maybe he has already flipped and possibly have cut a deal with the FBI. That remains to be seen, but the rumors are circulating. He has been curiously silent.

No comment usually means something is going on. If Flynn flipped, then I hope he has adequate security around him. It’s not accident that he retroactively registered as a foreign agent.