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Report: President Obama Livid Over Trump’s Wiretap Lie, Hasn’t Returned His Calls Since Inauguration

Former President Obama is reportedly “livid” over Donald Trump’s lie that he wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower. Um, can you blame him? It’s a lie that went around the world thanks to the power of Twitter.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that President Obama hasn’t returned Trump’s calls since the inauguration. Um, again, can you blame him? In lie of this latest lie, in which Trump accused him of committing a felony, I would seriously tell him to f*ck off and don’t call me again.

Wall Street Journal: “Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian, said the open friction has upended tradition, an “almost unwritten rule that you treat your predecessor with a degree of grace and decorum.”“There are these kinds of things that have happened in the past, but nothing to the degree where a sitting president would charge his predecessor with a felony,” Mr. Brinkley said. “It creates a feeling of instability in the United States.”

CNN‘s Peter Alexander reports that President Obama was “irked and exasperated,” but his “reaction stopped short of outright fury.”