Twitter hammered White House press secretary Sean Spicer and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly for shameful attacks on veteran black journalist April Ryan and black lawmaker Maxine Waters in two separate incidents on Tuesday.

april ryan
Twitter Hammers Sean Spicer, Bill O’Reilly for Going After April Ryan, Rep. Maxine Waters

Spicer told Ryan to “stop shaking your head” during a tense exchange during his daily press briefing. Spicer’s disrespect of Ryan sparked widespread condemnation from many, including NAACP president and CEO Cornell Brooks, who tweeted that many of us are suffering from “privilege nausea.”

Bill O’Reilly apologized after comparing Rep. Maxine Waters’ hair to a James Brown wig. Both incidents were sexist and racist.

The disrespect spawned the hashtag #BlackWomenatWork, which is trending on Twitter, along with April Ryan’s name.

Here’s the reaction on Twitter: