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Jon Ossoff: Women Have Driven Campaign for GA-06 Race from the Beginning [Photo Credit:]
Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff continues to sign up record numbers of volunteer shifts for his June 20th run-off for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional district. During an event on Saturday at the Georgetown Park in Dunwoody, he singled out women as the drivers of his campaign.

Ossoff “emphasized that their [women] continued activism, based on neighbor-to-neighbor conversations, will be critical to the campaign’s success in the runoff on June 20th.”

“So for everything that you have done, as a part of this team, over the last couple of months, thank you … This campaign has very little to do with me, it mostly has to do with the women in this community who are stepping up and organizing … Let’s keep reaching out and building this community and standing up for this community,” Ossoff said.

There is a new activism among women that we are witnessing in repudiation of Donald Trump. According to Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily’s List, they’ve heard from more than 11,000 women in all 50 states, who are interested in running for office, the Washington Post reports.

Ossoff thanked more than 300 volunteers and supporters for their “hard work and activism” and “applauded the volunteers for knocking on more than a quarter-million doors during the primary, which led to remarkable and historic turnout on April 18th.”