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Democrats Hit Georgia 6th Runoff Candidate Karen Handel Again and Again

The DCCC hit Georgia 6th Republican runoff candidate Karen Handel again for having a bad week, starting with a “private, high-dollar fundraiser with President Trump, continued with a noted absence of public campaign events, and was punctuated by a decision to support an unpopular campus carry law.”

She also ran off to Washington to “fundraise with Paul Ryan, big-money donors, and lobbyists.”  Um, I thought she cared about her district. Oh wait, her husband showed us how she really feels. You know, with the racist image he retweeted urging voters to free the black slaves from the Democratic Party plantation.”

karen handel bad week

She is also trailing her Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff in the first poll conducted since the runoff.

The DCCC hits Handel for being unable to consolidate Republican support:

Jim Galloway tweeted: “Last November’s presidential results could give Dems a path to state legislative pick-ups.”

The DCCC says “a silent Dan Moody is one of two signs that Karen Handel hasn’t yet united GOPers in Sixth: wp.me/p3Xdqv-9JV.”

Politico reports that high Democratic turnout was not Karen Handel’s only problem, with new analysis showing that “Ossoff captured at least 8 to 10 percent of the GOP’s votes in the primary” on April 18th.

I attended an discussion with Jon Ossoff at his campaign office in Roswell, Ga., this morning. I have yet to see Ms. Handel holding such events. Ossoff has attended more house parties than I can count. This man is who we need to represent the diverse district.