Hillary Clinton dropped some hard truths during an interview on Tuesday with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour at a Women for Women event during which she blamed the Comey letter, misogyny and WikiLeaks stolen email dump for giving us an illegitimate president.

hillary clinton
Hillary Clinton Let’s It Rip: Comey Letter, Misogyny and WikiLeaks Gave Us Illegitimate President

Amanpour asked Clinton if she felt Vladimir Putin hated her. “Well, he certainly interfered in our election, and it was clear that he interfered to hurt me and to help my opponent,” Clinton said. She added, “And if you chart my opponent and his campaign’s statements, they quite coordinated with the goals that that leader who shall remain nameless had.”

Clinton took personal responsibility for the defeat in the general election, adding, “I was on the way to winning until Jim Comey’s letter on October 28, and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off, and the evidence for that intervening event is I think compelling, persuasive.”

She said Trump’s campaign goals seemed to be aligned perfectly with Putin. “If you chart my opponent and his campaign and his statements, they quite coordinate with the goals of that leader who shall remain nameless.” The leader she was referring to was Putin.

Amanpour asked Clinton for her thoughts on Donald Trump saying he would be “honored” to meet with Kim Jong-un. She said that negotiations with countries such as North Korea are critical but Trump’s approach lacks strategy and seems to be impulsive.

“Negotiations are critical, but they have to be part of a broader strategy, not just thrown up as part of a tweet one morning,” Clinton said.

Clinton ended the interview by revealing that she is writing a book right now about the campaign, which will come out in the fall. “It is a painful process reliving the campaign,” she said.

Mrs. Clinton wanted the American people to know that Donald Trump’s election was illegitimate because of his campaign’s ties to Russia. She did just that and she’s not going away.

I would also add that the mainstream media failed on a epic scale. They gave Donald Trump a platform to lie, lie, lie and lie. All media personalities such as MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Kirsten Welker, Kasie Hunt, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and others wanted to talk about were Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Clinton Foundation, while allowing Donald Trump to slide under a mountain of lies, lawsuits, shaky business record, no substance, racist and sexist behavior. These media personalities should take note on how to conduct a dignified interview.