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Karen Handel Weasels Out of Debate with Jon Ossoff Because People Would be Watching

Trumpcare backer Karen Handel weaseled out of a debate with Democrat Jon Ossoff for runoff election for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional district because it would be open to the public. She wants to keep the public in the dark about her abysmal record, which includes voter suppression tactics, as well as being aligned with Donald Trump.

Handel backed out of a debate scheduled to be held at the Dunwoody Homeowner’s Association at the last minute, saying it was due to a scheduling conflict. Um, no such thing. According to the local Reporter Newspapers, Handel abruptly told DHA President Robert Wittenstein she was backing out:

“I heard [May 7] from the Handel campaign that they are not going to accept our invitation; the reason that they gave was they a have a scheduling conflict,” Wittenstein told about a dozen DHA board members who booed when they heard there was not going to be a debate.

“But the email exchange just prior to that was …their question of whether or not [the debate] would be open to the public or if it was going to be restricted to Dunwoody residents or members of the DHA,” he said. “When I told them it would be open to the public, the next response was we have a scheduling conflict.

The DCCC hit Handel in a news release saying, “Two weeks ago, responding to Jon Ossoff’s six-debate challenge, Karen Handel’s campaign cavalierly declared, “We welcome any chance to highlight Jon Ossoff’s inexperience and are excited to have a robust debate on the issues.” “Apparently, the excitement has worn off. Fast.”

Ossoff proposed six debates. Handel agreed to three and then weaseled out of one. Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein reported Handel is attempting to put off agreeing to three more debates that the Ossoff campaign confirmed today.

“Why doesn’t Karen Handel doesn’t want to debate Jon Ossoff? Because the debate stage would reveal the stark difference between the two candidates for all to see,”said DCCC Spokesman Evan Lukaske.

“On one side will be Ossoff, who has been campaigning vigorously since day one and has an extensive understanding about the issues facing the district. On the other will be career politician Karen Handel, who has been absent from the campaign trail and thought she could win on name recognition alone. It’s no wonder Handel is desperate to avoid that spectacle,” Lukaske said.

Ms. Handel thinks she is the heir apparent to the seat vacated by Tom Price. She has not been active on the campaign trail and that should alert voters that she does not have their backs. On a personal note, I live in the district and I have attended two Ossoff events, including a Q&A with voters at his Roswell campaign office. I have yet to receive any emails about Handel holding similar events.