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Sean Spicer Goes Down in Flames After Breitbart Reporter Calls Him Out for Spinning Border Fence as a Wall

Sean Spicer went down in flames during the press briefing on Wednesday after a Breitbart reporter called him out for spinning the border fence as a wall after funds for Trump’s campaign pledge were not included in the spending bill.

This exchange is reminiscent of when Spicer tried to argue that Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd size was the biggest in history, though that was clearly a humongous lie.

Breitbart reporter Charlie Spiering asked, “In January the President gave an interview deriding the ‘little toy walls’ on the southern border…and said I don’t know why they are even wasting their time. Why is the government focused on existing border security measures than fighting for the wall that was promised?”


Spicer then put up some images on the wall that shows the existing border fence and the types of fencing that could be erected to support the fence.

Spiering didn’t let Spicer get away with the nonsense. He asked if those were photographs of walls or fences. Spicer responded as Melissa McCarthy would portraying him on Saturday Night Live, “There are various types of walls that can be built under the legislation that was just passed. That is called a levee wall, and that is called a ballard wall,” he said pointing to the images.

Spiering responded, “That’s a fence.” Right on cue, Spicer grew visibly angry, while insisting that fences are technically walls. Um, no.

Watch the Spicer-Breitbart civil war: