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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Distinguishes Donald Trump from US in Paris Accord Exit Tweet [Photo Credit: Wikipedia]
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau distinguished Donald Trump from the United States in his tweet about the Paris Agreement exit.

Trudeau tweeted:  “We are deeply disappointed that the United States federal government has decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.”

He continued, “Canada is unwavering in our commitment to fight climate change and support clean economic growth.”

Notice he wrote “the United States federal government” not the United States. In other words, he’s making it all about Donald Trump. More countries will do this because Trump is not credible. In fact, he’s a joke that went too far.

Former President Barack Obama also slammed Trump’s announcement, saying it amounts to a “lack of American leadership.”

Other world leaders are slamming Trump’s actions:

French President Emmanuel Macron

Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (new leader of the free world):

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni

President of the European Council Donald Tusk

Others weighing in: