donald trump jon ossoff
Donald Trump May Have Helped Jon Ossoff By Tweeting Support of Karen Handel [Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey]
Donald Trump may have helped Democrat Jon Ossoff in the Georgia Sixth runoff by tweeting “Vote for Karen H.” Um, I happen to live in this district and Trump is very, very unpopular here.

Trump tweeted:  “The Dems want to stop tax cuts, good healthcare and Border Security.Their ObamaCare is dead with 100% increases in P’s. Vote now for Karen H”

As you can see, he didn’t even bother spelling out her last name because he rambled on incoherently with his usual dose of lies. We can only guess he was referring to Ms. Handel. This was one of the worst endorsements I have ever seen on Twitter, but as I said before, it may have helped Mr. Ossoff.

Hillary Clinton lost the district by less than two points. Donald Trump is reviled here. I have lived in the sixth congressional district for over 13 years and I cannot remember a Republican president being this despised by a lot of Republicans. Donald Trump doesn’t have the Midas touch he believes he does. Democrats came close in the two red districts in Kansas and Montana because of Trump’s unpopularity.

Karen Handel isn’t well liked either. She has tried to distance herself from Donald Trump, who  held a private fundraiser for her recently, but he keeps popping up and voicing his support for her. A recent poll found that 52 percent of voters have a favorable opinion of Ossoff, compared to 42 percent for Handel. The same poll found that only 35 percent viewed Trump favorably.

If Ossoff gets at least 15 percent of Republicans or more to vote for him, along with record turnout from Democrats and independents, he will carry the district. The early voting turnout was a record — 140, 300, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. This should bode well for Ossoff.

By the way, here’s a great reason for people to run from Karen Handel — her record on voting rights is abysmal. In fact, she tried to get creative while she was secretary of state.