karen handel
Jon Ossoff Hits Karen Handel in New Ad About Cutting Off Funding for Breast Cancer Screenings [Photo Credit: Facebook]
Jon Ossoff hit Georgia 6th runoff rival Karen Handel hard in a new television ad highlighting her “record of imposing her personal agenda on others,” by cutting off funding for breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood while she served on the board of Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The ad, entitled Agenda, features breast cancer survivors speaking out against Handel’s actions at Komen that led to her departure. CNN reports that Planned Parenthood performed 360,000 breast exams per year.

Background from Jon Ossoff Campaign on Karen Handel’s record on women’s health issues:

AJC: As Vice President For Policy, Handel “Engineered” The Decision To Halt Komen Foundation Grants To Planned Parenthood. “The focus on Handel’s time at the Susan G. Komen Foundation was inevitable as the campaign became a running battle between national Democrats and Republicans. As vice president for policy, she engineered the foundation’s 2012 decision to halt its partnerships with Planned Parenthood. She resigned soon after amid a furious backlash that alienated many staunch supporters of the charity.” [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5/19/17]

Karen Handel Said “I Embrace The Fact That I Led The Project” To Cut Off Breast Cancer Screening Funding To Planned Parenthood. In an interview on Handel’s role in cutting off grants for breast cancer screening from Planned Parenthood, Handel said, “I embrace the fact that I was involved in the project. I embrace the fact that I led the project.” [WSB-TV, 2/7/12]

Handel’s Move Cost Komen At Least $77 Million In Contributions. “The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation committed one of the great PR faux pas of the decade in January 2012, when it summarily cut off funding to Planned Parenthood in what appeared to be a bow to anti-abortion crusaders. Now, with its release of its latest financial statements, the cost of that decision can be measured: It’s more than $77 million, or fully 22% of the foundation’s income. That’s how much less the Dallas-based foundation collected in contributions, sponsorships and entry fees for its sponsored races in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013, compared with the previous year. The raw figures are these: In the most recent fiscal year Komen booked $270 million; the year before that, Komen booked $348 million.” [LA Times, 1/8/14]