jon ossoff
Jon Ossoff Opens Up 7-Point Lead Against Karen Handel in GA06 Runoff Race [Photo Credit: Facebook]
Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff has opened up a seven-point lead against his Republican rival Karen Handel in the special election race for Georgia’s 6th congressional district — 51% to 44% according to a new Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll.

“Ossoff has an enormous lead over Handel among women, leading 60% to 34%. The Republican is beating Ossoff among male voters by a 52% to 41% margin. He has a solid advantage over Handel among younger voters, while she has a slim majority of voters who are over 65.”

It’s a remarkable feat that Ossoff is leading by seven points in a district that Tom Price won  by 23 points just seven months ago.

I would encourage voters in the sixth congressional district not to get complacent about this lead because other polls show the race much tighter. We need all hands on deck and every voter in the district who haven’t already cast a ballot in the early voting, to go out and do so. Jon Ossoff can win this race, but we have to work until the very end.

Karen Handel was bad for Georgia as a secretary of state and an executive at the Komen Foundation. She’s a career politician who is in it just for herself.