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Twitter Erupts into Mockery Over Trump Lawyer’s Plan to File Complaint Against James Comey [Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey]
Twitter erupted into mockery after news broke that Donald Trump’s lawyer (real estate) Marc Kasowitz plans to file a complaint against James Comey (the private citizen) for sharing his unclassified memos with the media via a friend.

This weak move comes after Comey’s bombshell testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday where he called Donald Trump a liar multiple times.

Comey shared the memo after Donald Trump threatened him with a tweet saying that there may be tapes of their conversations. If the so-called investigation finds wrongdoing on Comey’s part, what’s the most that could happen to him? A note in his file. LMAO.

Um, this is like the Obama wiretap lie. It was basically nowhere but Trump used House Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes to run interference for him to sabotage the investigation.

A counter complaint is coming. Norm Eisen tweeted: “Th is is an abuse of process & we will be filing a defense of Comey. Marc Kasowitz beware: there r serious consequences for abuse of process.”

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