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CNN’s Jake Tapper Blasts Donald Trump for Throwing Temper Tantrums in Epic Tweetstorm

CNN’s Jake Tapper blasted Donald Trump in an epic tweetstorm for throwing a temper tantrum with his Twitter attacks, saying, “Attacking media does nothing for troops in harm’s way, the hungry child in Appalachia or inner city, the unemployed factory worker.”

Trump started his morning continuing his attack on MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, who he called as “dumb as a rock.” Um, what does that make Melania Trump who didn’t even graduate from college?

He also continued to attack CNN, as though this is a winning strategy. Um, he should revisit how that worked out for former president Richard Nixon.

Tapper clapped back in an epic tweetstorm:

Jake Tapper is absolutely right. Donald Trump’s tweets are counterproductive and downright offensive. They are beneath the office of the presidency. But of course, I can never refer to him as our president.