dejuan guillory shooting death
Why Won’t the Louisiana State Police Release Footage in DeJuan Guillory Shooting Death? [Photo Credit: Twitter via @MichaelSkolnik]
Why won’t the Louisiana State Police release footage in the shooting death of unarmed black man DeJuan Guillory by Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Holden LaFleur on July 6?

DeJuan Guillory, 27, was shot and killed after an altercation with LaFleur, who followed he and his girlfriend, Dequince Brown, while they were riding on his ATV, Brown’s attorney Joe Long said in an interview with Pen Point News. Long said LaFleur pulled the couple over and asked them for identification and he became angry when they told him they had none.

Long told Pen Point News that Guillory and LaFleur got into a verbal argument that turned physical. Guillory was shot four times in the back.

Michael Skolnik tweeted that he was blocked by the LA State Police Twitter account after he repeatedly pressed them to release the dashcam video of the shooting.

Here’s a series to tweets from Skolnik:

If the police have nothing to hide, why won’t they release the dash cam footage of the altercation that led to DeJuan Guillory’s death?