donald trump gets lost
Pathetic: Donald Trump Just Got Lost Walking from Air Force One to His Limo

Donald Trump just seemed to get lost walking from Air Force One to his limo, he had to be redirected to the car.  I guess the presidential seal on the limousine wasn’t a dead give away to Trump. Um, who does that? Certainly not the man who went on a feeding frenzy when Hillary Clinton almost fainted from the effects of pneumonia and dehydration.

This is not funny in the least. Gee, I wonder why he thought that wasn’t his limo at the end of the plane steps? Whose? His mental state is questionable. Something is very wrong. Imagine if this had been Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? Fox News would go nuts with its coverage.

Trump’s behavior has been erratic and he has a short attention span and seems disinterested in the job as president. He goes on tweetstorms attacking everyone who dares to criticize him and call him out for his lies. We can now add the fact that he was confused about how he was getting back to the White House to he growing list that screams invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

The reaction on Twitter was what you would expect: