trump's plan
World Erupts in Laughter Over Trump’s Plan to Work with Russia to Prevent Election Hacking [Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey]
The world erupted in laughter over Donald Trump’s plan to work with Vladimir Putin to prevent further election hacking. Um, that’s like letting a burglar set up the alarm system to your home.

In a series of tweets, Trump seemed to acknowledge taking Putin at his word that he did not interfere in the 2016 presidential election. He literally took the side of a serial liar over the word of the CIA, FBI and NSA.

I want to know, what does Vladimir Putin have on Donald Trump? It must be something humongous and damning. I hope leaders in the House and Senate will allow a bill to be brought to the floor to bar Donald Trump from working with Russia on our election system. Sen. Marco Rubio was the first to hit back, tweeting that creating a “Cyber Security Unit” with Putin is akin to working with Bashar al Assad on a “Chemical Weapons Unit.” I don’t think Putin could have been a better target to mercilessly manipulate to his benefit.

It is all falling into place. From the voter fraud panel to working with Putin on election hacking, Trump is setting himself up for a 2020 win. We cannot let this go without a fight. It’s unfathomable that an American president is literally handing the keys over to the enemy of democracy.

The reaction on Twitter has been swift: