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Breitbart Threatens to Go to War with Trump After Steve Bannon Ousted

Breitbart threatens to go to war with Donald Trump after White House strategist Steve Bannon was ousted on Friday.

Breitbart senior editor Joel Pollak tweeted: WAR.

This sounds like the official rallying cry of Bannonites and Breitbart supporters. I would venture to say, Steve Bannon is more dangerous on the outside than if he was still in the White House. He knows a lot and will now leak like a sieve.

There are reports that Bannon will return to Breitbart. Um, let the floodgates open up because it’s gonna get ugly.

The propaganda machine is already in full swing. Bannon says that he resigned two weeks, while the White House said he was fired.

Um, get your popcorn ready…..all hell is breaking loose and it’s only going to get worse — for Donald Trump.

Conservatives are already firing back at the Steve Bannon ouster:

Of course, Twitter has a field day: