ashley sharpton arrested
Al Sharpton’s Daughter, Ashley Sharpton, Caps Off Birthday with Arrest for Fighting Cabbie [Photo Credit: Twitter via @TheRevAl]
Al Sharpton’s daughter, Ashley Sharpton, was arrested early Saturday morning while celebrating her 30th birthday for getting in a fight with a cab driver and stealing his car keys.

Sharpton was charged with petty larcency and criminal possession of stolen property for tossing the car keys, the New York Post reports. She told the cabbie, “I threw your keys in the street.”

New York Post:  “Ashley Sharpton was partying with friends when the women piled into a cab around 1 a.m., telling the driver, “just go, just go. But without a destination, the frustrated cabbie quickly pulled over at West 48th St and 9th Avenue and demanded clearer instructions, sources said.”

Sharpton was arrested around 3 a.m. on West 45th Street. She was released after police gave her a desk appearance ticket, the newspaper reports.

It seems that one of her friends taped the encounter. It shows Sharpton punching the cab driver, who has been identified as Georges Coly. Ooopsie!

Al Sharpton tweeted Happy Birthday wishes to his daughter on Thursday: “Happy Birthday to my youngest, Ashley. A strong black woman and committed activist. So proud to be your Dad.” Um, let’s just say he may need to rethink some of what he wrote, particularly the part about a committed activist. Committed activists don’t behave in that manner

Um, she’s going to get dragged on Twitter for sure because the family is viewed as grifters. Her sister, Dominique, has an ongoing lawsuit with New York City after she claims to have fallen and sprained her ankle on a sidewalk. That’s while she posted pictures of herself hiking.