donald trump attacks stephen curry
Donald Trump Attacks Stephen Curry After Calling Colin Kaepernick a “Son of a Bitch”

Donald Trump is now attacking Golden Warriors legend Stephen Curry hours after calling Colin Kaepernick and other black anthem protesters “son of a bitch.” This also comes days after his attack on black ESPN reporter Jemele Hill, who called him a white supremacist.

Trump tweeted:  “Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn.”

Um, Steph Curry had already decided that he was not going to the White House with his team. Trump is trying to bully him for expressing his right not to yuk it up with a racist windbag, who the North Koreans have branded as a “source of the world’s worst misfortune.”

It speaks volumes that Trump is attacking black athletes for exercising their First Amendment right to peacefully protest or express an opinion, while he gave cover to white supremacist violence in Charlottesville that turned deadly.  He said there were some “very fine people” marching in Charlottesville.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement slamming Trump calling for NFL owners to kick a “son of a bitch” off the field and fire them for protesting the national anthem. Goodell should have called Trump out by name in his statement.

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