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Twitter Rips Mika Brzezinski For Suggesting Hillary Clinton Should Take Book Tour to Puerto Rico [Photo Credit: Video screengrab]
Twitter rippedĀ Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski after she inexplicably suggested that Hillary Clinton should take her book tour to Puerto Rico. Huh? This is Donald Trump-level crassness and just plain stupid.

I’m not sure why Mika seemed to attack Clinton because she spoke out about the slow mobilization of resources by the Trump administration to help Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Can you imagine if Clinton did take her book tour to the devastated island? For starters it would be a logistical nightmare because there is no electricity. The media, including Joe and Mika, would attack her for being insensitive and selfish. It’s crazy that she would make such a suggestion.

Well, Twitter had a lot to say…they ripped Mika: