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Donald Trump Deliberately Breaks Obamacare, Now it Should be Called Trumpcare

Donald Trump deliberately breaks Obamacare, so now it should be called by its new name — Trumpcare. Late Thursday night, the White House issued a statement saying that it will no longer pay subsidies. This came after Trump took a sledgehammer to the ACA with his executive order, which he almost forget to sign trying to run away from questions on his shameful tweets about Puerto Rico.

Remember the freakout over problems with the Affordable Care website for several weeks after it was launched? Where’s that same level of outrage for Trump deliberately taking away subsidies from the people who need it the most is simply unconscionable?

The media will let it slide once Donald Trump tweets about a new shiny object or goes back to attacking the NFL.

Trump’s decision to halt the ACA’s cost-sharing subsidies will literally blow up the markets in the short-term. He has been steadily chipping away at the ACA, from undermining enrollment to this latest move. More from NBC News: