john kelly lied attacked rep. frederica wilson 2015 fbi speech
John Kelly LIED When He Attacked Rep. Frederica Wilson Over 2015 FBI Speech

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly LIED when he attacked Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) from the podium at the White House about her 2015 FBI speech. Will he issue an apology or she should belittle him as he did to her yesterday when he called her an “empty barrel?”

Rep. Wilson did not claim the $20 million request he accused her of bragging about. You see, Donald Trump and his enablers in the White House want to force-feed lies down our throats. We must stay vigilant, seek the truth and push back, even if it means publicly shaming him as Rep. Wilson did.

Here’s the link to Wilson’s 2015 FBI speech:

Here is Wilson talking about the building on the House floor shortly before the dedication. She described the bravery and sacrifice of Agents Grogan and Dove:

Why is John Kelly trying to smear Ms. Wilson, who is a close family friend of Sgt. La David Johnson’s family? They are trying to drag this woman through the mud for calling Donald Trump out over his disrespect of yet another Gold Star family.