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Trump Revokes Visa of Key Witness, Bill Browder, Who Testified in Trump-Russia Scandal [Photo Credit: Twitter via @billbrowder]
Donald Trump revoked the visa of US-born Bill Browder, a key witness, who testified against him before the Senate Intelligence Committee in the Trump-Russia scandal. The visa revocation came after Russia issued its fifth Interpol arrest warrant for Browder.

Browder, CEO of Hermitage, testified before Congress that there was no doubt that Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian government representatives was meant to help Donald Trump win the presidential election. Browder, a British citizen, has now been effectively banned from the U.S.

Russia is accusing Browder and an unknown M16 agent of murdering Sergei Magnitsky, who he lobbied for before he died in prison on trumped up charges of tax evasion.

Browder tweeted: “Putin adds me to Interpol wanted list in retaliation for passage of Canadian Magnitsky Act. 5th time he’s done this.” He said Putin tried the same thing this past summer when he was testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Donald Trump won’t win with this shameful move. The fact is, Browder, already testified before the Senate committee and that cannot be changed. Further, if special counsel Robert Mueller wants to interview him, that can be arranged, including reversing the visa revocation.

An equally disturbing fact is that Donald Trump is not enforcing the Russian sanctions bill he signed into law to avoid the embarrassment of an override. He has literally thumbed his nose at lawmakers in order to appease Vladimir Putin.


Twitter chain from Bill Browder on Interpol arrest warrant and US visa revocation:

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