whitefish energy puerto rico contract colonial-style pillaging
Whitefish Energy Puerto Rico Contract is Nothing More than Colonial-Style Pillaging in Plain Sight [Photo Credit: Twitter via @whitefishenergy]
Whitefish Energy Puerto Rico contract is nothing more than colonial-style pillaging of yet another Caribbean island in plain sight. How else would you explain a two-person company inking a $300 million contract that explicitly states that the government cannot audit the said deal? It’s corruption plain and simple.

A leaked copy of the contract, obtained by reporter Ken Klippenstein, shows that the government is barred from any “audit or review the cost and profit elements” related to the company’s relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The company wants absolute secrecy for how it spends the $300 million in taxpayer funds to restore power to the island.

The deal, signed with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) also bars the government from making “any claim against Contractor related to delayed completion of work.”

Here are the tweets from Ken Klippenstein about the shocking details of the Whitefish Energy Puerto Rico deal:

Whitefish apologized after arguing with argued with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz on Twitter. Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello has requested an audit by the Department of Homeland Security inspector general.

By the way, Whitefish Energy is located in Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s hometown. Further, the company is connected to the Trump administration. So much for Donald Trump draining the swamp:

Daily Beast: “Whitefish Energy’s investors are also well-connected in the Trump administration. Whitefish Energy is backed by HBC Investments, a Texas-based firm whose founder gave $20,000 to the Trump Victory PAC, as well as the maximum $2,700 to both Trump’s primary and general election campaigns, and $30,700 to the Republican National Committee in 2016.”

Who-ever signed off on this deal should be hauled up to Capitol Hill to testify. There is no defending the indefensible.

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