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Women’s March Comes Under Fire for Naming Bernie Sanders as Opening Speaker at Convention [Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey]
The organizers of the Women’s March came under fire after gleefully tweeting that Sen. Bernie Sanders would be the opening speaker at its Women’s Convention that will be held Oct. 27-29 in Detroit. They allowed an old white dude, who has a weak record on women’s issues, hijack their convention.  I guess women like Kamala Harris, Cecile Richards and Hillary Clinton were not available, right?

Let’s not forget Sen. Sanders’ rape fantasy essay that he was forced to recant, but yet they dislike Hillary Clinton. That’s even though they’re using her words without giving her credit. Further, Bernie is taking his sidekick Nina Turner, who will also be giving a speech at the event.

Tamika Mallory, co-founder of Women’s March, said, “I think that right now, no one can deny that Bernie Sanders is probably one of the most powerful U.S. senators… on progressive issues, women’s issues and mobilizing millennials.” Um, no. He’s not. This statement comes from a place of deep ignorance. Have any of these women, including Linda Sansour, taken the time to study Sanders weak legislative history? In fact, it doesn’t take long to go through his record because it’s so thin. He was never on the front lines of fighting for women’s rights. Hillary Clinton was. Many times. But yet, she’s dismissed, once again, by this group.

Bernie Sanders maligned Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign to the point where he literally gave Donald Trump talking points, including the Crooked Hillary nickname. Trump picked up up where he left off. He reluctantly campaigned for Mrs. Clinton after he finally bowed out of the race at the latest time possible. He is one of the people who sabotaged the presidential election and helped Donald Trump win.

The Women’s March may be be on its way out. Personally, I will not support this group because of the blatant hypocrisy. I actually unfollowed them on Twitter.

Bernie Sanders the standard bearer? Really? He is not the face of the Democratic Party. He never will be so, stop trying to put him on a pedestal and giving him a pass on his abysmal record. I am not a betting person, but if he becomes the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, I will not cast a ballot for my party. I will sit it out.

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