kevin janson neal
Kevin Janson Neal Shot Dead After Ramming Through California School Gates Following Shooting Rampage [Photo Credit: Facebook]
Kevin Janson Neal shot dead after ramming his truck through California school gates and shooting into walls and windows following a shooting rampage that left six dead and 10 injured in Rancho Tehama Reserve early Tuesday morning.

Two children were injured, including Rancho Tehama Elementary School student Alejandro Hernandez6, who was airlifted to a hospital.

Neal started his deadly rampage near his home in Rancho Tehama Reserve at about 7:52 a.m. Tuesday, randomly shooting people, before stealing a truck. He continued the drive-by shooting on other drivers, houses and pedestrians.

He smashed through the gates at the elementary school before firing more than 90 rounds through windows and walls, hitting Hernandez. He tried to enter classrooms, but the school was in lockdown mode. He fled the scene and was shot and killed by police at a nearby property.

Donald Trump has been largely silent on this latest mass shooting. He’s slow to tweet when the perpetrator is white, but gladly tweets his outrage when a Muslim, black or Hispanic suspect is involved. He initially tweeted about the Sutherland Springs church shooting massacre, either in complete derangement or pure ignorance. It looks like he copied and pasted this tweet, which has since been deleted.

Neal has a violent criminal history that involves an assault with a deadly weapons charge as recent as January 2017. He was also charged with second-degree burglary, two counts of false imprisonment by violence, discharge of a firearm with gross negligence, possession of an assault weapon and misdemeanor battery. Why did he still have access to guns?