john delaney first 2020 presidential campaign ad
John Delaney to Run First 2020 Presidential Campaign Ad in Iowa [Photo Credit: John Delaney for President]
John Delaney will run the first 2020 presidential campaign ad in Iowa this Sunday. This is a whole two years before the presidential election.

“The first ad of the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries will run Sunday in Iowa, more than two years before the state’s voters will head to vote in caucuses. The candidate: Rep. John Delaney of Maryland, who for six months has been the only declared candidate for the party’s nomination,” the Washington Post reports.

“Delaney’s ad, ‘Dirty Word,’ is as jarring as anything else viewers might see during the Super Bowl. In it, Iowans cast wary glances at the camera as a narrator ‘admits’ that ‘John Delaney said a dirty word’ during his campaign stops in the state. That word, revealed 20 seconds in, is ‘bipartisanship’ — an encapsulation of Delaney’s promise, if elected, to spend his first 100 days passing and signing bills supported by both parties.”