dick durbin confirms donald trump's shithole countries comment
Sen. Dick Durbin Confirms Donald Trump’s “Shithole Countries” Comment During Immigration Meeting

Sen. Dick Durbin confirms Donald Trump’s “shithole countries” comment about Haiti and African nations, saying the reports in the news are “accurate.”

“I cannot believe that in the history of the White House, in that Oval Office, any president has ever spoken the words that I personally heard our president speak yesterday. President Trump said things that were hate-filled, vile, and racist. He used those words repeatedly,” Sen. Durbin said.

“Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina spoke up and made a direct comment on what the president said. I was very proud of him. It took courage for what he did,” Sen. Dick Durbin says, firing back at Pres. Trump’s denial of “sh*thole countries” comment

“I’m not going to quit my singular mission to pass the . Our deal is a genuine compromise—it addresses all the areas outlined by the President and represents honest concessions on both sides. That is the nature of compromise,” Durbin tweeted.

Donald Trump tweeted that he did not use such racist language to describe Haitians and blamed it on Democrats. Um, one problem with that…he’s engaged in racist rhetoric for years, including leading the birther movement against Barack Obama.

By the way, the Republicans who were present when Donald Trump made the racist comment are silent.

-Sen. David Perdue (GA) — I’m ashamed to say he’s my senator
-Sen. Tom Cotton (AR)
-Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) — Trump’s golf buddy helping to attack Christopher Steele
-Sen. Kevin McCarthy (CA)
-Rep. Robert Goodlatte (VA)