donald trump fixing daca
Donald Trump Accuses Dems of Not Fixing DACA from 2008-2011 (Didn’t Exist Until 2012)

Twitter bursts out laughing after Donald Trump accuses Democrats of doing nothing about DACA when they controlled the House, Senate and White House between 2008 – 2011. Um, there was no DACA until 2012.

Former President Barack Obama signed an executive order protecting the Dreamers in June, 2012.Obama wasn’t sworn into to office until January 2009.  Can someone occupying the highest office in the country be this stupid and loose with facts?

Trump tweeted:  “Republicans want to fix DACA far more than the Democrats do. The Dems had all three branches of government back in 2008-2011, and they decided not to do anything about DACA. They only want to use it as a campaign issue. Vote Republican!”

Um, by the way, the three branches of government are executive, legislative and judicial.  Not the House, Senate and the White House. Like I asked earlier, can someone occupying the White House be this dumb?

He’s blaming Democrats for something he blew up by rescinding Obama’s executive action in September, 2017. Um, Democrats need to call his bluff for holding the Dreamers hostage to get the border wall, which he claimed Mexico would pay for.

Twitter reacts: