Kiss of death: Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution backs Stacey Abrams in the Georgia governor’s race. Never mind the fact that Bernie lost in the South by a landslide during the 2016 presidential primary season. This endorsement is meant to sow division in the Democratic Party.

Abrams gleefully thanked Our Revolution GA for “trusting me to lead this state forward.” Really? There are no Bernie Sanders coattails for her to ride. He only won one county in Georgia during the primary season — Echols — and that was by four votes.

Here’s an excerpt from Our Revolution GA’s endorsement:

“First, the failed electoral strategy of pursuing legacy dixiecrat voters and their sympathizers must be consigned to the dustbin of history. It has failed spectacularly on multiple occasions. Nunn, Carter, Barnes, and a slew of conventional acolytes have run the same race. What follows is the cyclical death rattle of Democratic politics in our state.”

“White moderate runs. White moderate improves on previous white moderate, but not substantially more than population changes would already suggest probable. White moderate rallies the troops into one last stand at the Alamo, and then we all recede into hibernation until another independently wealthy or pedigreed white moderate assumes the position.”

“Stacey Abrams boldly and clearly articulates a new path forward. In our view, a better path. People of color and progressives are the Democratic Party’s backbone, and it’s time major candidates acted like it.”

I rolled my eyes so far back I have a headache after reading this drivel. I hope they do realize that Ms. Abrams will need more than people of color to put her over the top. The demographic make-up outside of Atlanta, Macon, Columbus, Albany and Savannah is a lot less diverse and chanting all this Bernie Sanders mumbo jumbo won’t translate into much needed votes.

Abrams aligning herself with Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner is the kiss of death. Very few candidates Sanders has backed in statewide and national races have actually won. Most recently, he backed Vincent Fort’s candidacy in the Atlanta mayoral race. He went down in flames because he could not get out of the low single digits.

Bernie is hellbent on sowing division in yet another major election. He expected black voters to come out for him in large numbers during the presidential campaign because he took part in the March on Washington. Despite having done nothing of significance in the fight for civil rights and justice in subsequent years. He dismissed black Southern Democratic voters as coming from “the most conservative part of the country,” to explain his double-digit losses to Hillary Clinton in the primaries. So why is he and his group now trying to tell us who to support?

I hadn’t given any serious thought to the Democratic candidates running for governor, but thanks to Nina Turner, I am content to look the other way at Stacey Abrams’ opponent, Stacey Evans.