Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, a Republican, literally set murderer Blane Salamoni free in the Alton Sterling shooting death case outside a Baton Rouge convenience store in July 2016.

After watching the footage of the murder on Salamoni’s body cam, it is clear this man should have been charged with manslaughter. He did not de-escalate the situation. He escalated it by with profanity laced threats to shoot Sterling in the head.

The Baton Rouge police chief Murphy Paul fired Salamoni following an internal affairs review and after the video was released, in which he could be heard cursing and breathing hard. He screamed, “don’t f*cking move or I’ll shoot your f*cking ass b*tch.” He later taunted Sterling as his body laid on the ground, calling him a “stupid motherf*cker.”

According to sources familiar with the case, Salamoni pointed his gun at Sterling’s head and told him he would “blow his f**king head off” if he did not put his hands on a nearby car. The other officer, Howie Lake, did not fire any shots.

Tuesday, Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul announced he would wrap up the internal affairs investigation swiftly, likely by Friday. “Our examination will determine if any policies and procedures were violated by our officers during the incident,” he said. “We will look at decisions that were made during the incident and we will apply that behavior to our policies and procedures.” Source: WAFB

Salamoni’s actions were a flagrant disregard for Sterling. He came ready to pull the trigger. What’s equally reprehensible is that there’s probably nothing to stop him from simply moving to another town and getting a job as a police officer. The same thing happened in the Tamir Rice case. The Officer Timothy Loehmann, who shot Rice to death, was literally kicked out another police department before he was hired by the Cleveland PD. That should have never occurred.

Watch the video of Officer Blane Salamoni murdering Alton Sterling (graphic language):