Mika Brzezinski rips Donald Trump as “unfit to lead” in a brutal takedown on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, saying, his tweets show a “sense of unhinged impulsiveness.”

“The question definitely is coming to a head as to whether or not this president can be blackmailed,” Brzezinski added. “It is clear to so many people that he has some problem with Russia, that Vladimir Putin has something on him, that he and his press secretary or his stooges can not say anything disparaging about Russia in any way for fear that something might come out.”

“A lot of people feel that is a reality at this point, and then it’s his relationship with women, and several women coming forward and saying they had affairs with the president, but affairs aside, they say they were threatened, abused by the president,” Brzezinski said. “Did it happen by his people during his presidency, during his campaign?

These stories are coming to a head and one may come out on ’60 Minutes’ this Sunday. This is all on the president’s plate right now. What you see in tweets that come out with misspellings, with urgency, with a sense of unhinged impulsiveness, and you have to be wondering especially if you’re in the intelligence community if this president is so impaired and so subject to blackmail that he’s unfit to lead.” Source: Raw Story

Brzezinski is absolutely right. It is all coming to a head for Trump as the walls close in on him in the Mueller investigation, connection to the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal and the growing blue wave in the electorate for the 2018 midterm elections. It is clear that Vladimir Putin has something big on Trump.