Fox News dingbat Tomi Lahren tries to come for Jay Z after he rightly said Donald Trump is bringing out the “ugly” side of America, and it doesn’t go so well for her.

Lahren blathered on Fox News, that “Jay Z, it’s pretty ironic that you think Donald Trump is a racist when you campaigned for Hillary Clinton.”

She continued, “Remember that? That would be Hillary Clinton, the woman who called young black Americans ‘super predators.” The one who stood by Bill when he signed the $30 billion crime bill that imposed the death penalty on dozens more crimes and mandated life sentences for three-time offenders.”

“Please, go back to rapping your filthy lyrics and celebrating your drug-dealing resume, and let Donald Trump make America great again for us all!”

Lord….there is so much to unpack in the nonsense she rattled off.

Hillary Clinton apologized for the super predator comments made back when she was a First Lady. By the way, Bernie Sanders and many Republicans voted for the same bill Bill Clinton signed. Furthermore, Mrs. Clinton never called for the death penalty for the Central Park 5, who were exonerated. Donald Trump has bragged that he’s never asked God for forgiveness.

Hillary Clinton has never engaged in racist behavior. She called on white people to check themselves and look at their own biases. What did Donald Trump do? He called Mexicans rapists and criminals. He called black NFL players “sons of bitches” He called a black lawmaker a liar. He attacked civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis. He blamed both sides for white supremacist-fueled violence in Charlottesville. Hillary Clinton has never bragged about grabbing anyone by the p*ssy.

Girl, please take a seat with this nonsense. Somebody please tell this lobotomy candidate that Ted Nugent and Kid Rock have also spewed vileness both in song and during conversations.

The last person the black community needs to defend is a privileged white woman still on Mommy and Daddy’s Obamacare.

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