Donald Trump is upset that his hand-picked Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein personally signed off on the Michael Cohen raid.

Rosenstein signed off on the FBI raid of Cohen’s office, hotel room and apartment, three government officials told the New York Times.

Trump had a meltdown on live TV attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein, James Comey and Hillary Clinton as he basically admitted he obstructed justice in real time.

The NY Times reports, “Mr. Rosenstein’s personal involvement in the decision signals that the evidence seen by law enforcement officials was significant enough to persuade the Justice Department’s second-in-command that such an aggressive move was necessary.”

Trump said the raid was a “total witch hunt” by people aligned with Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, though all the key people connected to the investigation are all Republicans. It is clear that there was something very compelling that led to a federal judge, Rosenstein and the Trump-appointed US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoff Berman, all signing off on the no-knock warrant against Cohen.

The feds are going to raid anyone without strong evidence of criminal activity. I would venture to say, the majority of the people who have been the subject of FBI raids ended up in prison.