Gov. Scott Walker (R) warns that a blue wave is coming after Democrat Rebecca Dallet flips a seat on Wisconsin’s supreme court seat in Tuesday’s election.

Walker tweeted: “Tonight’s results show we are at risk of a blue wave in Wisconsin. The far left is driven by anger and hatred — we must counter it with optimism and organization. Let’s share our positive story with voters and win in November.”

Walker, who tried to rewrite special election rules to help the Republican Party, came up empty when two courts smacked him down. The fact that Judge Dallet won by double digits in a race that the Republican should have won is further proof that voters are pushing back at disaster Donald Trump has unleashed on this country.

Of course, Twitter erupted into mockery over Walker’s claims that big money entered the race to help Dallet win. There was more big money for her opponent. But facts never deterred Republicans before.

Reaction to Scott Walker’s meltdown that a blue wave is coming: