Life coach Tony Robbins is under fire after a video surfaces of him saying women are using the #MeToo movement to make themselves “significant.” Don’t expect an apology from Robbins and if one comes, it won’t be heartfelt.

Robbins made the comment after a woman in the audience at one of his conferences, who is a sexual abuse survivor, called him out for his hypocrisy. She stood her ground. He said that a famous CEO told him he recently interviewed two men and a woman for a position. The “attractive woman” was more qualified than the two men but he did not hire her because it considered it to be “too risky” because of the #MeToo movement.

Robbins mostly appeals to a male audience, so his criticizing the #MeToo movement is no surprise. He mostly makes his money from rich white men. There is no excuse for this and he’s going to feel the wrath of women everywhere.

Robbins is totally misrepresenting what the #MeToo movement is all about. It’s going a voice to the voiceless and powerless. I always viewed Robbins with side-eye view that he’s a snake oil salesman. Well, he is that and an incredible sexist too.

Reaction on Twitter to Tony Robbins criticizing the #MeToo movement: