Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams shamelessly touts serial liar Roger Stone’s endorsement, pandering to the lowest elements in the Republican Party.

Most rational people would literally shun Roger Stone, considering his shady past and the fact that he is involved in some way with WikiLeaks and could possibly be dragged before a grand jury in the Russia investigation.

Williams proudly tweeted:  “Senator Williams is the only true Trump supporter and the only real conservative in this race. And he can most definitely win.” -Roger Stone, famed political advisor to Donald Trump.”

Since Stone was on Alex Jones’ Infowars when he made the endorsement, it would seem that Michael Williams agrees with the crazy conspiracy theories Jones spouts on his network.

Williams came on our radar when he bragged about being enlisted the help of Dog the Bounty Hunter (Duane Chapman) to shore up his campaign. He didn’t have an issue with Chapman’s past, but had no qualms about denigrating undocumented immigrants. He also whipped up anti-Muslim sentiment by taking part in anti-sharia law march.

Of course Williams was eviscerated on Twitter: