Georgia GOP demands Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams release 10 years of tax returns but gleefully voted for Donald Trump who didn’t release not even one year of his. This is rich….rich with hypocrisy.

The state GOP’s statement blasts Abrams’ “history of total financial disarray” as a “flashing neon caution sign about her candidacy.” Um, can you say, Trump University, several corporate bankruptcies and corruption from Donald Trump?

“Since Stacey Abrams was first elected to the Georgia House of Representatives, she has amended every single personal financial disclosure she has ever filed, except for a recent filing in 2016.”

“Given her poor track record on filing accurate and timely financial information, the Georgia Republican Party calls on Stacey Abrams to immediately release 10 years of her tax returns and payment history, covering her entire time in the state legislature, as well as any relevant tax documents from companies or projects she has been associated with during that time.”

Let me just say, I don’t support Ms. Abrams. I have a problem with her aligning herself with Bernie Sanders and his sidekick Nina Turner but that could have been a strategy on her part. I still don’t like it but I may hold my nose and vote for her because I will never, under any circumstance, cast a ballot for either Casey Cagle or Brian Kemp. I did vote for Nathan Deal when he ran for re-election because I didn’t want a repeat governor in Roy Barnes.

I also have questions about Ms. Abrams finances too, but it’s the height of hypocrisy for the Georgia Republican Party to attack her on that issue while they turned a blind eye to Donald Trump’s continued abuse of the office of the presidency.