LMAO: GOP gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams deportation bus breaks down on I-75 near Calhoun, Ga., on Thursday morning. This comes one day after the deportation bus candidate hid inside his RV as protesters swarmed his racist bus in Clarkston. Williams, who is emulating the vile racism of Donald Trump to gain votes, sparked fierce backlash over his campaign prop.

The gubernatorial candidate took his “deportation bus tour” to Clarkston, Georgia, which has a community center that provides services to refugees. WSB-TV’s Richard Elliot tweeted that Williams’ supporters were outnumbered by protesters, who swarmed the bus.

Elliot followed that up with a second tweet: “A large crowd of counter demonstrators has surrounded Michael Williams’ Deportation Bus tour. Williams has not come out of his RV. His staff is shuttling reporters inside.”

Elliot also posted a video on Facebook of the protests Williams sparked with his racist deportation bus stunt:

Williams came on our radar when he bragged about being enlisted the help of Dog the Bounty Hunter (Duane Chapman) to shore up his campaign. He didn’t have an issue with Chapman’s past, but had no qualms about denigrating undocumented immigrants. He also whipped up anti-Muslim sentiment by taking part in anti-sharia law march. He most recently touted the endorsement of Trump bottom feeder Roger Stone, who seems to be in the crosshairs of the Mueller investigation.

Williams fellow GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp has also resorted to racist ads in his campaign.  One Twitter user writes, “Bigoted Georgia Gubernatorial Candidates are riding around in a ‘Deportation Bus’ threatening to kidnap ppl, and another one is wielding a chainsaw. They are promising to fight illegal immigration with tactics they learned from their Imperial Wizard Donald Trump.”

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