A Democratic National Committee (DNC) panel adopts a new rule requiring all Democratic presidential nominees be a member of the party. That starts with the 2020 presidential election. Bernie Sanders, who is an independent, hijacked the party for the 2016 presidential election so he could raise money and get media coverage.

“At the time a presidential candidate announces their candidacy publicly, they must publicly affirm that they are a Democrat,” the rule says.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers and DNC member, posted a photo on Twitter of the rules change at the meeting on Friday.

Bernie Sanders wants to change the rules and have everything to his way but he refuses to become a Democrat. He helped give us Donald Trump because he split the vote and also gave Trump some of his talking points in his attack on Hillary Clinton. Bernie wanted the party to anoint him as its standard bearer even though he refuses to join the party.