The Chinese are gloating over Donald Trump’s huge concession to North Korean President Kim Jong Un that he would suspend the US-South Korea war games in return for basically nothing significant. Trump heaped praise on the murderous tyrant, saying he was very honored to meet him and bragged about the “special bond” the two shared.

It seems that the Chinese pushed for the suspension and probably coached Un on who to broach the subject with the “very stable genius.” They may have known about the concession even before Trump announced it himself during the presser after the summit.

Here’s a key quote from the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s statement about the suspension of the US-South Korea war games:

“With regard to the Korean Peninsula issue, China is always committed to achieving the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, upholding the peace and stability on the Peninsula and resolving the relevant issue through dialogue and consultation. To this end, China put forth the “suspension for suspension” initiative and “dual-track” approach. The facts have proven that the China-proposed “suspension for suspension” initiative has been materialized and now the situation is also moving forward in the direction of the “dual-track” approach.”

Now they have Trump boxed in a corner and he can’t renege on this pledge. I wonder what Defense Secretary General Mattis has to say about this considering hours before the summit he said that was not up for discussion. The South Koreans were also taken by surprise to learn Trump threw them under a bus with this huge gift for which he got very little in return other than an empty promise to denuclearize (we’ve been down this road before).

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