Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen left for work Friday morning to the sounds of crying migrant children played by protesters outside her Alexandria home. They chanted “no justice, no sleep.”

Protesters chased Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant in Washington D.C. earlier this week.  She fled the restaurant without eating. She had a lot of nerve going to a Mexican restaurant after the hot mess on the border.

There is literally no way Nielsen can salvage any shred of dignity after the horror show that unfolded on her watch with over 2,000 migrant children being separated from their parents on the US-Mexico border. The children were housed in cages and some have been transported across the country in the dead of night. She claimed there was no policy separating the children from their parents, when clearly that was a lie.

Every single member of the Trump administration, from top to bottom, thrives on lying on just about every issue. On May 7, Attorney General Jeff Sessions boldly proclaimed that the administration would separate children from their parents at the border as a deterrent. Fast forward to June 20, he said that was never the intent. They’re all liars.