Donald Trump brags about having a “very special bond” with murderous tyrant Kim Jong Un while attacking ally Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a press conference following the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore.

Trump also said he told Un that his country has some of the best hotels in the world. If you aren’t sufficiently embarrassed by the buffoonery, Trump also promised that U.S. troops will leave South Korea and he will end the war games. Un promised to denuclearize but with no time table and will most likely keep his “substantial” arsenal of nukes.

Just a few days ago, Trump attacked Trudeau as “weak,” “very dishonest,” and lying after his unhinged behavior at the G-7 Summit. Trudeau had pledged to push back against any tariffs Trump imposes on his country. Um, isn’t that what any leader should do — put his or her country first and not capitulate to a bully?

Donald Trump blew up the TPP, which will accelerate our decline in the region and lead to China’s rise as the dominant power in the Pacific. This is total and utter buffoonery.