Donald Trump saluted one of North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un’s generals during the summit in Singapore and it is now being it as propaganda against him.

The unverified footage, which was aired during a Korean Central Television documentary, that “showed events largely from Kim’s perspective, the Washington Post reports. “With its focus on Kim, the KCTV documentary seems to show North Koreans that their leader is the star of the show.”

It looks as though Trump was confused about whether he should shake the general’s hand or salute back. But the problem with that mistake is that it is being used by the North Koreans to brag about their murderous leader’s major win at the summit.

Trump may have saluted the same general a second time:

This comes as Trump has been effusively praising Kim Jong Un despite his record of murdering relatives and citizens of his country alike. You will recall Donald Trump and many Republicans were upset when Barack Obama bowed to the Saudi King Abdullah in 2009 and when he shook hands with Cuban President Raul Castro.

Reaction  on Twitter: