Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle reportedly told someone in the crowd during a walkabout with Queen Elizabeth II on their solo trip to Cheshire that Prince Harry is the “best husband ever.”

Town & Country reports, “two onlookers, Jean and Heather, spoke to Sky News royal producer Fiona Mackie about what they overheard Meghan say to the crowd.” “We heard her say to a lady that Harry was the best husband ever,” Heather said.

It’s clear that the Queen and Meghan are getting along quite well. In fact, they seemed comfortable with each other, laughing and talking. They are the new giggly dynamic duo! The Queen’s chemistry with Meghan is incredible. I’ve never seen her smile this much!

There was a bit of a confusion when the Duchess asked the Queen if she was to go first to go into the car. The Queen told her she should go first. Meghan Markle is off to a good start learning royal protocol. I’m so incredibly proud of her.

Meghan was wearing a Givenchy dress and the earrings were a gift from the Queen, though it is not clear when she gave the jewelry to the Duchess.

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